Maney Stroy - earning bitcoin
50-3000 satoshi 60min

Balance: 28 satoshi


Вот и кончилось лето, реферальные выплаты стали как прежде а вознаграждение увеличилось до 80 сатошей.К новому году вас ожидает сюрприз.Оставайтесь с нами.

50-3000 satoshi every 60 minutes.

Что бы кнопка стала активной кликните по рекламе .Сначало активируйте кнопку а затем вводите капчу.


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Earning bitcoin

At the end of 2014 there are many sites with "free" bitcoins ("taps" bitcoins, eng. Bitcoin), which offer everyone regularly receive a small amount of Satoshi in exchange for completing simple tasks, for example, a click on the advertising banner, the solution of the captcha, view the web page within a certain time. These sites are usually placed with General information on bitcoins. When registering need to report bitcoin address for enrollment is received Satoshi. Typical remuneration is less than 1000 Satoshi, but many sites in the form of lottery play enough big prizes. Usually, the sites do not convey Satoshi at once, but are cumulative of accrual accounting in the other system, allowing the withdrawal of a relatively large number — and more than 10,000 Satoshi. Often has a time limit — after you accrue is declared the 1 hour timeout before the next prize event that not allows to intensify the receipt within one website. Many similar sites have a system of referral payments. There were sites providing access simultaneously to multiple sites with free bitcoins — this saves time on switching. The business model of sites with free Satoshi payment is based on income from banner advertising and pay per view advertising materials with subsequent distribution among registered users of the portion of this income.